Dr. Terry Madsen specializes in minimally invasive surgeries for sports injuries including many traumas that cause arm pain in the elbow and wrist.

Common Arm Pain Causes:



We see many cases of  arm pain caused by elbow bursitis occurring in patients that participate in repetitive activities that cause friction from the overlying muscles and tendons, such as a baseball pitcher.
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Contrary to popular belief, tennis elbow can occur in athletes among all sports. The overworking in the elbow joint can cause inflammation in the tendons.
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Ulnar collateral ligament injuries can occur during certain activities such as overhead baseball pitching and can result medial elbow pain, valgus instability, neurologic deficiency, and impaired throwing performance.


Most people use their biceps daily for everyday tasks and for athletic activity. Constant repetitive motion of the arms, seen most commonly in baseball and football players, can cause bicep tears.

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