Hip Labral Repair Protocol

• Patient will be released from the hospital the same day as the surgery
• Patient will be TTWB-PWB <30 pounds (determined by MD) for the first 4 weeks post-operatively and will need to sue crutches or another assistive device. After 4 weeks, weight bearing will progress gradually according to patient tolerance. Utilize crutches through at least 5th week postop for most repairs, but restrict weight bearing longer if patient had a CAM lesion debridement.
• Patient should limit hip flexion to about 90 degrees in order to avoid stress to the repair site.
• Patient should also avoid excess external rotation of the hip for 6 weeks postoperatively in order to avoid stressing the repair site.
• Surgical dressing should be removed 2 days post-operatively.
• Patient may shower at 2 days’ post-op, but soaking in a tub should be avoided until scope wounds are healed and swelling is controller, as determined by the physician.
• Begin outpatient physical therapy 2-3 days post-op.
• The rehab program will proceed cautiously for the first 2-3 months, after which functional progression will be determined by the patients’ tolerance to the exercises and general activity.
• Patients may feel like they are doing better than they really are at approximately one-month post-op, so they should still be reminded to be cautious in order to avoid symptoms of overdoing their activity. Controlled activity level will lessen the risk of