Dr. Terry Madsen specializes in minimally invasive surgeries for sports injuries including many traumas that cause knee pain.

Common Knee Pain Causes:


The menisci are the two rubbery discs of cartilage between the bones of the knee, positioned to absorb shock from the rest of the body. Also a common athletic injury, meniscus tears can occur when the knee suddenly bends or twists.
> Learn more about meniscus tears, diagnosis, and treatment.


ACL tears are the most common injury causing knee pain, and the 5th most common sports injury today. When the knee is forced beyond it’s normal range of motion the anterior cruciate ligament that stabilizes the knee can stretch and tears, often requiring ligament repair surgery.
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Osteoarthritis (OA) is a common degenerative joint disease where breakdown and loss of joint cartilage cause pain and inflammation often resulting in arthritic knees.
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The medial collateral ligament, or MCL, is a wide, thick band of tissue that runs down the inner part of the knee from the bottom of the thigh bone (femur) to the top of the shinbone (tibia).  The MCL’s main function is to prevent the leg from extending too far inward. It also keeps the knee stable and allows it to rotate.

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A patella fracture is a serious injury, and when it happens, it may not be possible for you to walk straight or straighten your leg. Some of the fractures can be rectified by wearing a cast or having a splint until when then the bone heals.
> Learn more about patella fractures, diagnosis, and treatment.


The posterior cruciate ligament, or PCL, is located in the back of the knee.  It is one of the ligaments that connects the femur (thigh bone) to the tibia (shinbone). The main purpose of the PCL is to keep the tibia from moving back too far.
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