Dr. Terry Madsen performs minimally invasive knee surgeries for sports injuries.

Common Knee Surgeries:

Meniscus Surgery:

Meniscus is the cartilage between the femur and tibia.  Meniscus knee surgery may be necessary when there is a tear in the meniscus.  The surgery is performed arthroscopically, using a camera and a small incision. The type of tear will determine the procedure that the doctor performs.  A partial meniscectomy is performed to remove the part of the damaged meniscus.  Sometimes a meniscus repair can be performed by using sutures to stitch up the tear.  The recovery for a meniscectomy can be 3-4 weeks with physical therapy exercises.  The recovery time for a meniscus repair can take longer, approximately 3 months.  Physical therapy will also be prescribed.
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ACL Surgery:

The ACL is the ligament that connects the knee bones and supports your joints.  The ACL can tear during sudden stops or twists of the knee.  The surgery is performed arthroscopically, with a camera and small incisions.  The surgery will remove the damaged ACL ligament and replace it with a graft, or tendon from another part of the knee. Sometimes, a donor tendon is used.  Tunnels will be formed in the bones, and then the tendon or graft is secured to the bones using screws.  The doctor will perform tests to ensure the graft is stable and the knee has full range of motion.  Physical therapy is crucial to the success of the surgery.  Recovery takes 4-6 months.  Athletes can usually resume sports in 9-12 months.
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Osteoarthritis Treatments:

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition in which the cartilage begins to break down and bone spurs can develop, which can cause significant knee pain.  Several different knee procedures can be performed.  Knee arthroscopy removes loose cartilage.  Knee Osteotomy realigns the bones to reduce friction and lessen knee pain. Knee Arthroplasty replaces the knee joint.  Other treatments include a Partial Knee Resurfacing, or a Full Knee Replacement. The damaged cartilage is removed and parts of the bone are replaced with a prosthetic knee joint.
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