Where you see injury, Dr. Madsen sees recovery.

The first time I visited Dr. Madsen I had knee pain from a work injury preventing me from my passion of running. He properly diagnosed me and gave me treatment in his office and prepared a home plan for me. I have been doing great ever since! He was about the fourth or fifth Plano orthopaedic surgeon I’d seen and first one to get me running pain-free again.

James Patton

Dr. Madsen is not only the best Plano orthopaedic surgeon, but overall doctors that I have ever seen and worked with. I have had knee and shoulder problems from sports and have been blessed to have him help with both a conservative approach to my arthroscopic shoulder surgery and arthroscopic knee surgery. He is simply the best when it comes to sports medicine, and I do and would recommend him to anyone!

Violet McMann

I had a full right hip replacement on June 13, 2017. Dr. Madsen's work was outstanding. Two weeks post-op I had no swelling, no infection, and a clean, good looking scar. They had me up and walking right away.

Henri Bersoux

He did my ACL in 2010 and my other knee in 2012 and my shoulder (a work accident) in 2014 on my birthday. Great surgeon, he has kept me going with all my knee issues. I cannot say enough about how great a doctor and surgeon he has been!

Kat Kayser

I've honestly never had such courteous and fast service from a doctor or staff. Doctor Madsen was very friendly and I definitely got a solid impression that he knows his field.

Elliot Brown

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