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IF YOU WANT THE BEST, DON'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE !! Best Orthopedic Doctor & Surgeon! I've been under his care for 10yrs. I am an above the knee amputee. Dr Madsen maintains care of my phys health to enable the BEST function and quality of life. (He's an athlete himself, so he "gets it")"

Jennifer Carnell
He did a terrific job on my shoulder, even stated he was going to do more than required whether he got paid for it or not, just to make sure I didn't have any issues in the future. Very passionate about what he does!"

Robert Lann
I have not had a doctor who cares in a long time. Dr. Madsen did my hip injection today and it was so seamless and smooth. Prior to surgery, his staff (Shelly) called and gave detailed information regarding the procedure. Also, Dr. Madsen made sure that I had all meds delivered to me pre and post surgery. If you need an Orthopedic doctor who cares, Dr. Madsen is the one.

Ms Sonya
My very active daughters have seen Dr. Madsen for years, and as a club soccer coach I’ve sent more players his way than I can even remember. What sets him apart from others in his field is he doesn’t “look” for surgical procedures as a first option - unless that’s what is needed. The guy is quick in office appointment settings so be prepared for that. He can diagnose just about anything with a quick check, but this is because he genuinely knows what he’s doing. Sure, his office staff hasn’t always been the best... but I’m there to see a qualified doctor, not gripe about whether or not the receptionist smiled enough. Madsen is an excellent surgeon and loves what he does.

Dave Collins
This man is a beast. My husband snapped his femur at 29 riding a bmx bike and we just somehow got the luck of the draw ending up with this doctor by showing up at the right time at Garland Medical. My husband was an avid basketball player and bmx rider in his prime. After a failed vert jump snapped his leg, even Dr Madsen himself told my husband he’d never be able to break ankles like he used to on the basketball court.
I remember being in the waiting room at the hospital while my husband was getting a rod hammered down into his broken leg. The surgery was set for an hour and a half and I counted down the minutes on the progress screen in the OR waiting room. When my husbands name disappeared after 32 minutes I got sick and just knew something had gone wrong.
Not so. Madsen came out beaming and said the surgery was not only a success but completed in record time. After a few moths of rehab my husband was back on the court and the bike as good as new.
This doctor is freaking priceless y’all. An absolute legend in our family stories for sure.

Rachel Way
My family has used Dr. Madsen for years. He is very good, professional, and attentive to our health needs. We have highly recommended him to several people!

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