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Stem Cell Therapy, a product of Biologics in medicine, is a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing sports medicine. Adding to the appeal, stem cell therapy is minimally invasive, using only injections to help heal injuries or treat degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis.

Using world-class stem cell technology, which has made enormous strides in recent decades, this innovative method of orthopedic medicine jumpstarts cells during the process of mending injuries to the bone, tendons, and cartilage. The resulting cell regeneration stimulates healing of the body, then promotes physical strength and stability to help ward off further injury, arthritis, and degeneration.

Stem cells are obtained through human bone marrow , fat derived stem cells and growth factors. Stem Cell Treatment can be done in office both as a standalone treatment and as part of post-operative therapy. Some stem cell treatments are better tolerated in the operating room. Studies show that Stem Cell Treatment improves healing and provides the additional benefits of reducing scarring and inflammation.


Stem Cell Therapy delays or eliminates the need for surgery as well as offers relief of pain quickly and safely. When you choose Stem Cell Therapy, you should expect little to no down time! In addition, this minimally invasive office procedure requires no hospital stay.


Stem Cell treatment expounds upon the body’s capability to heal itself. Similar to cortisone and steroid shots, these cells possess anti-inflammatory properties. However, stem cell therapy far surpasses standard injection treatments, which offer only temporary relief. Stem cell treatments ease discomfort and contain growth factors that may actually replace damaged cells, while simultaneously providing restorative healing to the tissue. To aid and increase mobility, the injections contain hyaluronic acid, which lubricates joints and tendons.

Many prominent athletes have chosen stem cell therapy, when possible, rather than risk major surgery. The hope is to minimize the pain of the injury and help it heal without the long recovery time required by surgical procedures. These injections can improve outcomes and help achieve the bottom line result of getting athletes back into action, pain-free, faster and with less chance of injury.


Dr. Madsen has you covered!

We offer the most competitive pricing in the DFW metroplex when it comes to in office stem cell injections.

In the event that insurance will provide reimbursement for these injections, Dr. Madsen offers an affordable cash option, which is about one-third the standard cost! Madsen Orthopedics accepts Care Credit and other major credit cards.

If you are tired of limiting your activities because of pain, injury or degenerative disease, contact Madsen Orthopedics today for a consultation. The solution might not be as invasive or costly as surgery, and Stem Cell Therapy may be a perfect option for you!

Are you interested in Stem Cell Therapy?

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